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26 June 2017 - Elder Milius Week 52

Dear Family and Friends,

The bugs were kind of down in number this week but that’s because the rain was up and more consistent. So instead of swatting a loads or mosquitoes while knocking on doors we tracted in the rain for a couple days in a row for an hour plus or so each day. Yay!! But that’s the only thing to complain about! ...That’s a lie, I’m going to miss my best friend! This transfer is already over and Elder Matthews is being transferred to his mom in Utah! I’ll be staying here in Prattville and me new companion is going to be Elder Foudy! I am looking forward to another six weeks here in the Prattville Ward (which is changing a lot right now because of Military). 
This past week was pretty normal, still finding all the time but the work is going good as always! Monday was a typical p-day which was good! Not too much went on. But Tuesday we had a few lessons set up with some investigators and members to come! Unfortunately the first couple fell through but all was well and we were able to see Kerri with Jasher! Kerri we found after tracting into her Mom. We went to follow up with Dona (her mom) and met Kerri who had had neck surgery the week prior. Kerri told us to come by another time and when we did her daughter answered the door and after some miscommunication we came back a little later that night with Jasher. She had both her kids in the front room and we had a great lesson about the Restoration and the Book of Mormon! It was a miracle to us because it had been raining all day, but nonetheless we still got the three new investigators we had set a goal for that morning! That evening we also went out with Micah, Jasher’s brother, and taught Kimberly. She was one of the girls we passed and went back to talk to next to the lawn mower last week. It was funny because our relationship with Kimberly is weird. She told us she hadn’t read the Book of Mormon because her aunt who is an evangelist told her it wasn’t true. We were, as Elder Holland says you should be in Preach My Gospel, “devastated!” (I think Micah was confused at the whole thing). Luckily we convinced Kimberly that she had to receive an answer for herself in a variety of different analogies and such. Wednesday was a rough day with a lot of rain and “that’s all I have to say about that.” (Forrest Gump).
Thursday it rained again and we still found a couple investigators. One was Becca, who is the daughter of Ann the older lady we have been teaching for the past couple weeks. She seemed interested simply because she wanted to get her mom back into church! Ann is the source of cool experiences so keep her in your mind. Friday we had our final District Meeting where we all bore testimonies and it was very sad and emotional. (*Sidenote: Half our Zone is changing so that’s kinda sad). We took an awesome picture though because Elder Matthews and Sister Chavez are both going home or, “dying.” We tracted in the rain later that day though for an hour and met Rachel and her boyfriend Matt! They are 18 and 20 or so and she was super open, him not as much. But it was cool because if we had given up and gone home or even waited a little longer they would’ve been gone! Saturday was pretty much the same and then we got transfer news. Sunday was great though!
We had a miracle Sunday!! The Sisters have been teaching this deaf man named James and last time he came to church they just had someone sit and type for him the things that were being said so he could read it. Then yesterday he came to church and someone was visiting who had served an ASL mission! She came out and told us that she met him and was wondering if he needed an interpreter. So for the entire Sacrament Meeting she sat up front and interpreted for him! Then to top it all off she invited him to sing with her at the end and he was signing the closing hymn with her!! Crazy cool story! Then we went to see Ann (here she is again) because after telling us she wanted to come to church she didn’t make it. While we were over there a guy came out named Freddy who he was helping. He was homeless and had been struggling for a while. But apparently he went to our church 5-7 years ago! He then proceeded to talk about Nephi, Moroni, Joseph Smith, the Golden Plates, etc., etc. He said somewhere during the meeting that he loved going to our church because he felt the spirit and he said it felt like the “Lord’s kingdom on earth! Heaven on earth!” I don’t know if this guy was crazy or a genius or what we gave him a fresh copy of the Book of Mormon and invited both of them to read the first chapter and come to church! They accepted and as we were leaving Freddy was telling Ann all about the Book of Mormon, it was crazy! Better than having a member at a lesson! 
This week was another good one, but it’s always good when you’re serving the Lord! I’ve learned a lot over this past transfer about how to teach better, how to be a better disciple, and most importantly I’ve learned what it means to love your companion. I’ve been holding to the scripture in Alma 27 about how the Lord gives us success. And that “success” is really determined by you, at least where you find that success. Often times it’s not in baptisms or in teaching or in finding, but in our own self conversion. I love this Church and I love my mission! I’ve loved the relationships I’ve been able to make and for the life-long friendships I’ll have in Alabama and around! 
Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! Make it a good week, I love y’all!

Much Love,
Elder Milius

PS: Stories:

  • Kerri was wearing the weirdest clothes when we went to visit with her and her family and she got all “dolled” up to see us. Weird.
  • We tracted into a guy who said “Thanks, but I’m not interested in what you’re selling.” Elder Matthews responded, “Oh, we actually aren’t selling anything we’re going around talking about Jesus Christ today!” The guy says, “Not interested!” in a pretty rude manor to which Elder Matthews says, “So you’re not interested in Jesus?” As he was closing the door he said, “Nope!!” 
  • Another day we tracted into a guy who was motioning for us to be quiet as to not wake the baby. We continued to try and talk to him through the storm door and he said, or motioned, or whatever, “I’m a part of your Faith.” “You’re a member?” *nodds* We have never seen or heard of his name before and don’t think he’s on the records.
  • Patricia the lady we found last week by telling our native american story texted us and told us she had to check with her wife to see when a good time would be to do bible study.

Enjoy the pictures!!


"Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people, that they might have everlasting life." ~3 Nephi 5:13

We had Kimberly initial that she was going to be at our appointment 
with her in Elder Matthews’ planner. She bailed anyways. 

Elder Milius and Elder Matthews

 Elder Matthews and Sister Chavez are both going home 
or “dying” as we refer to it in the mission field.

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