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3 July 2017 - Elder Milius Week 53

Children of God,

When I was little I never believed that time went by fast. Yet, here I came at a year out on my mission and time won’t slow down! It was another week full of teaching, finding, getting a new companion, going to meetings, and, as always, being disappointed when no one shows up for church. But that’s just life in the ABM!
Elder Foudy is a good guy! He is from Tyler, Texas and has one older brother who is 26. He is a convert to the church with a really cool conversion story that I don’t even know all the details to yet. He did a year at BYU before coming on a mission where he studied Mechanical Engineering but he’s looking to change that upon his arrival home. He’s been out a while and goes home this coming November. His hobbies include cooking, playing sports, and sorta singing (he’d tell you know but we’ve already sang plenty together in the car). He is a little more on the shy side of things but I think we are going to get along great and teach well together! 
Into our week! Monday things started to get real for Elder Matthews. We got some packing done and then did a few other things. We had a great lesson with Kerri and her kids! They are doing great in their Book of Mormon reading and all of their questions were pertaining to understanding. I hope I’m around when they are baptized! Tuesday was full of “lasts.” We had a couple of solid lessons too which was good! We talked to Lee more about baptism and Elder Matthews shared some final thoughts with her. We then told her that we were going to give her to the Sisters so that she could get taught over again with a different perspective, which was sad but it was what she needs to progress I think! We also taught Ann with a Youth in our ward, Gideon. It was cool because we were at his family's house for dinner and as we were walking out I yelled down the hall to see if he wanted to come. His parents immediately jumped on board and encouraged him to go so he did. It was good getting to know him a little bit better. He just graduated and isn’t really thinking about a mission but a good kid nonetheless! Coolest part was both Elder Matthews and I had the same impression to ask him to come, so we know he needed to be there. At Ann’s lesson we talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and invited her to be baptized; she’s now on date for the 22nd of this month and we’re hoping and praying that works out! 
Wednesday, tears were shed. But they were all good tears! After going down and being at Transfers I figured out how “old” I am in the mission now. I remember all the people who were my leaders when I came out and now they are almost all home. Weird. But after getting everything figured out and everyone’s stuff packed and transported we had a good lesson with Susan. We hadn’t been able to follow up with her forever it seemed like but we taught her a recap of the Restoration and invited her to read, pray, and come to church (the three things that we invite everyone to do). Then that night we planned for our Zone theme! #buildtheship #fishersofmen We’ve had some good themes over the past few transfers and I don’t think we are going to disappoint at all! 
Thursday was full of planning and letting Elder Foudy get to know the people and the area a little bit better. We went out to find some people and knocked into Courtney and Brooklyn (mother-daughter). They were super cool and we shared with them the Restoration and the Book of Mormon. Later we went out with Brother Campbell to see a few people and he really helped out in our lesson with Ann and Jeanette. (Ann was the 18 year old who came up to us while we were standing on the side of the street talking to each other). Their progression might be a little slower but I think eventually they will both find the Book of Mormon to be true and join the church! Brother Campbell is a great teacher by the way. I look up to him a lot and he would laugh if I said that in front of him but it’s the truth. Friday we had a meeting to go to and then we went to visit with Pauline! She loves the missionaries and is in our ward. Kinda a crazy lady but gotta love her! We then had a cool lesson with Kerri and her kids again and ended up staying WAY too long answering questions. But, the bright side is all of them are open to the idea of being baptized! The struggle now becomes the kids being at their Dad’s house for the rest of the summer except for every weekend! We will figure things out though, the Lord will provide a way we just have to stick with them! 
The weekend went pretty much the same as the week. Saturday we played soccer with a group of people (less-actives and non-members and members) that is put together by some members of the ward. Then we had a few appointments to cover with people and by the end of the night we had 10 possible people at church! One of which being Haley who Elder Matthews and I found a couple weeks ago! She had a lot of understanding questions as well and we are hoping to keep in contact with her so praying for her progression as well! Sunday rolled around though and no one came to church unfortunately. We didn’t have any lessons but we found one guy, Bubba, who we hope to teach. Then we made missionary shirts and dropped them to all of our investigators who didn’t come to church! Oh, and we tracted in the rain again! Don’t really know what the weather will be like this week because it changes every 10 minutes. 
What another “fantastic” week in Prattville! I love it here and I love working for the Lord. It might get frustrating sometimes but you can never fail when you’re on the Lord’s errand! Thank you all for your support and love! Let me know if you need anything from Bama! Make it a good week! :)

Much Love,
Elder Milius

  • Elder Matthews and I put a lock on the “lock bridge” in downtown Prattville.
  • Elder Foudy ate some nasty eggs or something and messed up his insides. He was burping rotten eggs for like two days.
  • That last one is a secret, don’t tell him I told you.
  • We weren’t able to meet with Keri Thursday night because she was in the ER after passing out and hitting her head against the floor. Yes, she’s the lady who I mentioned before had neck surgery. 
  • Pauline hit me for being a little too “smart.” She almost took me into the kitchen, and ome of the fellow ABMers may understand the context of that story.
  • We went to a wedding on Saturday!!
  • Somehow I got volun-told to sing a solo in Sacrament meeting sometime this month. “In the Quiet of My Room” Men’s Solo. Thanks Sister Franklin. I’m still confused at how that all happened.
  • One of the Sister’s former investigators, who bashed them a couple weeks ago and was dropped following that, came to church on Sunday. She showed up and the Millbrook Elders met her in the foyer and then all the sudden she started up bashing them in the church foyer. The main topic of conversation was about how the Sabbath is on Saturday. A member from the Millbrook Ward also joined in and they “talked” for around 30 minutes. Elder Egbert said this about the experience: “I go to church to get my three hours of refugee where I don’t get persecuted for my beliefs, then in walks this lady!”

Happy Fourth of July! 

PS: I don’t have any pictures with Elder Foudy yet. I know I’m a failure. It will change after this week! 


"Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people, that they might have everlasting life." ~3 Nephi 5:13

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