Monday, January 30, 2017

30 January 2017 - Elder Milius Week 31

Hello World,

This week had its ups and downs for sure but they all tend to average out pretty evenly. I guess I can start off with the big changes that are happening worldwide to Missionaries for those of you who don’t already know. There was a Worldwide Missionary Broadcast last Wednesday and two big things changed: 1) The daily schedule for missionaries has changed to give the missionaries more leniency as to when they want to do things like studies and such, which is nice. They also allowed for more time during P-Days in order to ensure that everything we need to get done on our Pday is able to get done. 2) Key Indicators changed. This one caught most of us by surprise but from now on instead of tracking lessons, member-present lessons, referrals, etc (a total of 9 key indicators), we will only be reporting 4 key indicators to Salt Lake: Investigators Baptized and Confirmed, Investigators with a Baptismal Date, Investigators who attended Sacrament Meeting, and New Investigators. In my mind this will allow us to focus our efforts more on individuals rather than working to go get “X” amount of lessons. 
Other than those big changes we’ve had a pretty normal week. We’ve been able to meet with our Investigators and keep them progressing. We had an awesome lesson with TJ on Tuesday but unfortunately haven’t been able to meet with him since. Chris, another one of our Investigators came to all of church this Sunday which was great. And let me tell you, the Youth in the Wetumpka Ward are phenomenal. They all fellowshipped Chris (who is 13) and he’s excited to come again and it’s perfect. The Sisters are teaching one of Chris’ friends who they have on date for the 18th and so we are hoping that we can get Chris up to speed and maybe set that date for him as well. Fingers crossed! We did meet this one lady on Tuesday who at first didn’t seem like she was all there. We introduced her to the Book of Mormon and she was excited about it and about knowing that Jesus Christ had restored His church to the earth today. When we went back a few days later she had already read into it and believed it to be true. She did not attend church on Sunday but with any luck our visits this week will help guide her in the right direction but we are looking forward to working with Lisa. I don’t know if I’ve already talked about Jay, but we went over to help him with his yard a couple weeks ago and went over again last Saturday. He has been “meeting” with the missionaries for about 20 years-or inviting them over to do service and such-and he loves what we do. He is a Buddhist and doesn’t completely agree with everything that we are teaching him or trying to get him to understand, but he has committed and realized that in order for him to receive and answer he has to read and pray. Jay is a great guy and we all would love to see him move forward in the gospel. 
Now, there were a one funnier story that take more than just a sentence to explain, but it taught me a great principle of missionary work. Last night, Sunday night, we called Jennifer. Jennifer was a referral sent to us from headquarters and when I called I did the typical, “Hello this is the missionaries. We got a message to give you a call and were wondering when you’d like to meet…” And as the conversation goes on I mention to whcih she responds, “Ohh you guys are Latter-Day Saints aren’t you.” “Yes ma’am.” “Oh, well bear with me but you are going to love this story.” (Great….). She then proceeded to tell me that she was Methodist and wasn’t going to change her Faith but that recently she had been talking to her pastor about getting into Missionary Work for her church. (I assume this is why she was on But she had told her pastor that she needed a “Neon sign from God” in order to help her make a decision on whether or not to move forward in Mission Work. She told me about something that had happened to her that gave her a semi-answer. Then she said even though it wouldn’t be worth our time in meeting with her, she was thankful we called and took our phone call as a sign from God that she needed to do some sort of Missionary Work. She thanked me as she told me that right after she hung up with us she was going to call her pastor and explain to him what happened. (Wow). I didn’t know whether to laugh or be disappointed or really how to respond after I got off the phone. But, I have come to realize over the past 6 months that Missionary Service is that, it is SERVICE. And I wrote down during the Missionary Broadcast that I want to SERVE my Mission. I believe and I know that I helped Jennifer come closer to Christ. Maybe she didn’t feel open right now to hear the message of the Restoration but I think that because of the experience she had with me on the phone, sometime later in life or possibly in the next she will be ready and prepared to receive the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ; and I think that because she is doing what she feels is the right thing, in wanting to help people know the Savior. I don’t know if that makes any sense in reading but it made sense as I typed it out. But, that was one interesting experience of many that happened this week.

Also, a guy we met asked if I was a virgin-right after the invitation to read the Book of Mormon I might add-and when I answered with an unashamed “Yep” he told me he didn’t believe me….Thanks?
James asked me what it would take for him to get me to take a “heroic” dose of drugs.
(Nutmeg can make you high by the way).
We tracted into a guy who gave us both new pocket knives.
We walked 17,431 steps (8.5 miles) on Friday because we had nothing else to do.
I got beat by a six-year-old in basketball.
We got Bible Bashed the hardest I’ve ever been Bashed on Tuesday...which inspired me to create a bible-bashing-bible-bashing Bible...I think that is what I’m trying to say.
There is a ping-pong table in the church building.
We found a trash bag that I swear smelled like something died in it last week on our balcony-missionaries are gross.
We found a goat on a leash in a backyard. 

If y’all need anything let me know! I love you and am thankful for you! The Church is True!

Much Love,
Elder Milius


"Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people, that they might have everlasting life." ~3 Nephi 5:13

Monday, January 23, 2017

23 January 2017 - Elder Milius Week 30

Friends and Family,

Happy Monday!! Hello again from Weeetumpka (I learned to emphasize the “wee” part of the city in order to say it correctly). This week has been a blast and so much better than the last one! We have been able to meet so many more people, we now actually have a teaching pool, and we taught 27 lessons total this week! Let’s go!! Elder Harris and I decided on our motto: “Cleaning up Wetumpka!”
Our wonderful week started off with tender mercies, at least for me. We had Zone Training which is always good and we got to spend some time with the missionaries from our Zone. After that, we went to visit TJ. TJ had been taught in the past and Elder Harris found him the day before I got into the area. So, we were going back for a follow up visit and we taught him the REstoration and left him with a chapter in the Book of Mormon to read. He asked us to come back the next day and so we were able to read with him out of Chapter 31 of 2 Nephi-The Doctrine of Christ. We paused after it discusses baptism and asked him how he felt about it and focused on the importance of getting baptized by the proper authority. He thought about it and then we asked if he would offer a closing prayer and after the prayer pause and be silent for a couple minutes to feel the Spirit. I know that after his prayer the Spirit was there and I hope and pray that he will receive revelation for himself of the truthfulness of the things we were teaching. 
Wednesday night continued to be good as we tracted around later at night (later than I ever have before) but we met a guy named Josh. Josh wasn’t super interested in our religion per say but he was curious to know what caused us as 18-year-old guys to go out and to proselyte and teach and talk about Christ. I shared with him the story of when I first came to know the Book of Mormon to be true and we sat on his doorstep and had an amazing conversation of the Spirit and feelings and assurances, etc. To me, those conversations are what drive me as a missionary. When I meet people who will talk to me and bounce things off and actually try to learn and grow spiritually-whether it be by our faith or another-then I feel like I’ve both learned as well as contributed to them coming closer to the Savior. I love those experiences and after a tough first few days the Lord blessed me with those experiences. He knows each of us individually and He knew what I needed to have in order for me to keep my head up and know that what I was doing was good and right.  
Thursday lifted my Spirits even higher when we tracted into Carol. She again wasn’t too interested in the church but appreciated what we as missionaries do. She told us about a miracle she had witnessed the day before. Someone who was close to her was diagnosed with a disease (I don’t remember if it was cancer or something else) that was not good for her future. Through much prayer and blessing her friend was completely healed. We told Carol of the miracles that we are able to witness as missionaries each and every day and to which she responded, “Go find your miracle today.” That conversation helped me to reflect on the miracles that we truly do get to see daily. And motivated me to each day look for the ONE. Find the ONE miracle that I was sent out today to find. The ONE lost sheep whom I was called to bring back to the Shepherd. 
We didn’t find that miracle Thursday, but to me Carol was the miracle. Friday though was amazing!! All of our appointments happened, everything that we had planned to do that day worked out how we had imagined it! We taught a ton of people and met a ton more! And I read a wonderful article on which I will comment on later! But Friday was a blessing, it was a different day and it was the day that everything turned around! Saturday was one in the same, we weren’t given very much time because of plans and the storm in the morning (we were under Tornado Warning, hence the bike helmets and mattress) but we were able to see those who we needed to. In a matter of two hours we gave out 4 copies of the Book of Mormon and found a few people we were not intending to find. Once again, the Lord is in charge and He puts people in the path of His servants, we just have to follow the Spirit and get out and work!
Sunday was a great day at church and then another wave of storms came in that afternoon so we only got out for a little bit in the evening for 3 or 4 hours to go visit some Perspective Elders; but, regardless of the storms and the low week we had last week, this week we were on fire spiritually and physically. In counting our numbers for the week we overachieved our goals in Lessons and in New Investigators. How? I don’t know, neither me nor Elder Harris could determine how that happened but it did. I love my work; I love His work. 
So, the talk that basically picked me up and will have an amazing affect on me for the rest of my mission and the rest of my life was the article in this month’s Ensign about Gordon B. Hinckley. I love President Hinckley, and the article was all about how he was always doing something, always helping someone, always remaining optimistic. He used to always say “Things will work out” and I think for me, this week was the greatest example of that! I will attach the link to the talk and I would hope all of y’all would take the time to read through it. Like I said it changed my life and I know it will change yours! The Lord’s work is a good thing, it’s cheerful! We are bringing GLAD tidings of great JOY! Act like it :)

“I’m from Arizona where we bake and don’t boil.” -Sister Hatch
A dog rammed into the glass next to a door after we knocked on it. I’m surprised it wasn’t hurt.
We taught a guy who all he said to us after everything was “Hummmhuhmmumm.” That doesn’t give the experience justice but you get it…
We were woken up by our Weather Radio 4 times Friday night.
Elder Harris and I sat in the bathroom for two straight hours doing nothing. 
Our Ward Mission Leader told us we have to carefully “bake ‘em” talking about our Investigators.
There are big, old...old houses in Alabama.

I love y’all, as always if you need anything from me let me know! Take care!

Much Love,
Elder Milius

"Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people, that they might have everlasting life." ~3 Nephi 5:13

 Elder Milius and Elder Harris prepped for Tornados

17 January 2017 - Elder Milius Week 29

Hello from Wetumpka, AL!

So, for those of you who don’t know...Elder Milius was Emergency Transferred out of Fort Payne on Friday and is now serving in Wetumpka, AL, which is down by Montgomery. And yes I do enjoy talking about myself in third person. Just a short story concerning this ET:

On Thursday night around 5:00, the day after transfers (after we had arranged our entire apartment to accommodate three Elders) I received a call from President. He first had called using the Anniston cell phone-I think he was worried that we wouldn’t answer if we knew it was him. But he opened the conversation by telling me “Elder Milius, you know how you are always saying that if I need anything to call you?” Mind you, I hadn’t put that in my email since the first ET and then a couple weeks ago started doing it again. I responded, “”Now President, last time you said that you ET me out of Florence.” “Well,” he said, “I’m going to do it again…” And that was that. SO now, I am serving in Wetumpka, training a brand new awesome Missionary named Elder Harris, and I am also serving as the District Leader for the Wetumpka District. I don’t know how President is going to one-up this one.

All joking aside however, I am excited to be here and to basically start the work here from scratch. Fortunately there is a trio of Sister also in Wetumpka so we aren’t necessarily alone. But we are in a car share-meaning the Sisters have the car. 
As you can imagine this week has been crazy, like about every other week in the Mission thus far. It started off on a bad note as our good ole Roll Tide Defense gave up in the fourth quarter and not very many people are happy about the turnout on Monday.
Surprisingly though, Tuesday-which is usually our slow day-went very well. WE went in to see Paul, the owner of an interesting shop in Downtown Fort Payne and we met Heather. Heather was very interested it seemed in the things we were telling her as missionaries and invited us over to her home that next Friday. I’ve enjoyed Paul’s store because he is a very adamant follower of Christ and loves to talk religion and God with people all the time. He also sold me a guitar so now I have a new instrument to learn how to play. After Paul’s we went to Aaron’s home and met with him. He took two hours to tell us his entire life story and really opened up. As far as I know he is now working to turn his life around and has a baptismal date for March 3rd. 
Now, this experience demands for its own paragraph. While we were in Aaron’s we missed three phone calls from Michael. Michael is the investigator who Elder Morley and I got very frustrated with the first time we met with him and then he called and asked us to come back. But we returned these three calls and he asked if we could stop by not later that week, but that night and he sounded...I guess excited to meet with us. When we got there, he introduced us to his friend Dawn and told us that he had started reading the Book of Mormon, that he loved it and was trying to get her to begin it as well so he wanted us to come teach her about it. We were taken back. And as we began the lesson, Michael varied his comments from testifying that what we were saying was true and that he believed everything we had to say to totally disagreeing with us. Wierd. He called me aside during the middle of the lesson and explained that the reason he was going off on tangents and such was apparently in order to get Dawn to ask questions...I didn’t understand but we went on and had a good lesson...I think. Michael though, to me has made a complete turn around, and I hope that he can continue reading and progressing.
The rest of this week was taken up by Transfers, getting Elder Porter the third guy in Fort Payne, getting a phone call and making Elder Porter only the second guy, moving down to Wetumpka, and walking around trying to figure out the area. We weren’t left with a whole lot of solid people to work with on the Elders side of things, but the Ward is awesome and we hope to soon find consistent people to work with. This area reminds me a lot like Florence in the way that we do Missionary Work, but it is a little further South than Florence...and a little closer to Montgomery if you catch my drift. 

A dog peed all over my leg and shoe.
We saw two Elder stopped, picking up a bike on the Interstate on our way to Transfers.
The tires of our car squealed as we came around a corner a little too fast.
We meet and talked to two different gay dudes in a period of two hours. 
The Elders in Wetumpka sang as they walked, and walked, and walked, and walked….

I do want to close with a scripture from Alma 22: 3-4;

“....And the king said unto them: Arise, for I will grant unto you your lives, and I will not suffer that ye shall be my servants; but I will insist that ye shall administer unto me; for I have been somewhat troubled in mind because of the generosity and the greatness of the words of thy brother Ammon; and I desire to know the cause why he has not come up out of Middoni with thee.
 4 And Aaron said unto the king: Behold, the Spirit of the Lord has called him another way; he has gone to the land of Ishmael, to teach the people of Lamoni.”

I know that Missionary Work is not easy, and transfers, especially like I’ve experienced, don’t make it any easier. But I do know that I am where the Lord needs me to be. I know that I was called by Him to serve in the Alabama Birmingham Mission and I know that at this point in time He has called me to labor in the Wetumpka area. I know that because He has issued that call and because I’ve been called another way by the Spirit, that that same Spirit is guiding and directing our work here. We will begin to have great success here as we press forward and continue to show our diligence to the Lord and to His Work. And I say that in the name of Jesus Christ, our Leader, Amen.
I love y’all and I hope each of you has a great week this week! And if you need anything let me know...unless it’s getting Emergency Transferred! Take care.

Much Love,
Elder Milius


"Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people, that they might have everlasting life." ~3 Nephi 5:13

Monday, January 9, 2017

9 January 2016 - Elder Milius Week 28

Hello Friends and Family,

I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year! 2017 is going to be a good one! Elder Morley and I will be staying together for another Transfer in FORT PAYNE!!! We might be getting another Elder in a trio, but both of us are staying here and we couldn’t be more satisfied! I’m going to jump right in and share some awesome experiences we’ve had this week in both Finding and Teaching.
First, on Wednesday we went back to go visit Lindsey who was a referral and was “thinking about converting” (the Referral text). We didn’t get to teach Lindsey because she was asleep but Allen was there. Allen is apparently Lindsey’s best friend who came up to help her out with her kids and he had previously had discussions with Missionaries. We were able to answer some questions revolving around the Book of Mormon and why it is such an emphasis as us as missionaries and we’ll be able to continue to teach him as well as Lindsey. Another testimony that as we make plans, the Lord is then able to place people in our path-whether those people were the “plans” or not.
Thursday was another great day and we had a couple lesson in which the Spirit was almost tangible. Typically every Thursday we go to BIlly’s who is a Recent Convert since about August. On several occasions he invites friends and people he knows to these meetings and then based on who attends we teach what is appropriate. This Thursday there were two non-members there and we taught the Restoration lesson. Along with the Restoration we showed the DVD that talks about Joseph Smith and his life leading up to the First Vision. I have come to love that video more than any other because I know that I can’t deny what that video portrays is a true story and a true experience. After the video was over we briefly covered the last few points of the lesson and extended a soft baptismal invite (meaning we don’t necessarily set a date, but we say something along the lines of “If you come to know these things are true, will you be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?”) to which both Amie and Sue accepted. Lately Elder Morley and I have been teaching the Restoration a lot more and we have been able to extend those soft invitations which I have found very appropriate and in most cases necessary. Those invitations make the investigator have what we like to call “real intent” in discovering the answer for themselves and then knowing what they have to do next after receiving their answer. After that lesson we taught Emily who is our 10-year-old girl on a baptismal date for February 4th. She is a very smart girl and will progress very smoothly so we are looking forward to that with her. 
Friday morning we contacted another referral for Aaron. His friend Ben is a Ward Mission Leader in NY and he contacted to get missionaries over to see Aaron. When we went to see him he expressed to us his desire to change and noticed how the church blessed Ben’s life so he got interested and then it’s turned over to us. He told us he does drink coffee and smoke but that he is willing to give all of that up in order to have a better relationship with God and be a member of the church. The future is bright for him as well and hopefully we’ll be able to put him on date this coming week.  That night we also saw an investigator of over a year named Jeff. I don’t know if I’ve talked about Jeff before but he is a studier of many religions and all different beliefs interest him. Our Branch Mission Leader came with us and we had a simple discussion with him and tried to determine where he really is as far as his views on joining the church. He had some personal things going on and some health issues so he’s in a weird place right now, but before we left Brother Kanouff offered for us to give Jeff a Priesthood Blessing. At first neither of us were excited and I didn’t know what I was going to say in that blessing. I knew I couldn’t preach to him in it-which is what I really wanted to do-but we went ahead and I can’t tell you what I said but I know I said the right things. I don’t know how Jeff took it, I don’t remember anything other than it was one of the weirdest blessings I’ve ever given, but I know it was right. Interesting how the Spirit works.
Saturday we met with a Referral and her family. She told us she didn’t remember orderign a Bible from but she invited us in and we taught her, her best friend and her son who all seemed interested in the Restoration. If we hadn’t given out all our copies of the Book of Mormon we would’ve left one of those with them as well but we will stop by again later this week and hopefully have one to give. We also taught Lynn the last of her recent convert lessons and she is solid. She’s looking forward to going to the temple to do baptisms on the 14th of this month and we’re excited for her to progress in the gospel and in the church. She’s awesome. 
Then to top off our great week in church on Sunday Elder Morley and I found out that we “Did it!” As missionaries all you hear and all you try to do with the unit you’re serving in is getting them to trust you so that they will bring you their friends and allow us to teach them in their homes. Well, at the beginning of priesthood Brother Youngblood (who goes out with us every Thursday now) told the Priesthood: “These are some of the two best young men and they are the best missionaries we’ve ever had serving in this unit. They are great missionaries and if you have friends get them into your home and then invite these guys over because they are wonderful teachers and are just great missionaries.” I paraphrased from what I remember but essentially that is exactly what he said about us. I couldn’t have been more happier to hear anything else. That is going to be one of the best experiences of my mission without a doubt. 

This week…
I was talked into learning how to play the guitar.
Our members in a great lesson started going off on a tangent right after the Restoration video played and destroyed the Spirit….but we brought it back and it was all good.
The entire town shut down because of less than ¼ inch of snow. School had a snow day, businesses closed early that night, roads were closed, and the bread and milk were gone from the stores.
A house we were in had mice running around the room behind me the entire lesson.
In our meeting Friday night our Branch Mission Leader answered the door in a towel.
When talking with an older guy Sunday night he had snot stringing from his nose for a solid minute and Elder Morley and I couldn’t hold in our laughter.

Thank y’all for your prayers and support! I love you and hope you continue to stay safe! If you have any questions or if I can do anything for you let me know! Looking forward to another Transfer here in Fort Payne!

Waffle House Waitress: “Are y’all fixin’ to watch the game tonight?” 
Me: “Yes ma’am I reckon the whole state of Alabama is fixin’ to watch the game; Roll Tide!”

#rolltide #nationalchamps2016

Much Love,
Elder Milius


"Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people, that they might have everlasting life." ~3 Nephi 5:13

 SNOW in Fort Payne, Alabama!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

January 3, 2017 - Elder Milius Week 27


Happy New Year to y’all! I hope that you’ve all made your Resolutions and intend to keep them until at least February this year! I’m excited for 2017 though, our Mission is just going to blow up because right now just here in Fort Payne (which just weeks ago was a “dying” area) has about 11 potential baptisms and it is only January 3rd!
Our week started off very well. On Tuesday we got to meet with Michael again-the guy who originally was very frustrating to both Elder Morley and I. He has definitely come a long way and whether he realizes it or not he enjoys and is interested in the messages that we are sharing. Tuesday we were able to do a Book of Mormon read with him in which we read the overview and the first twelve verses of 1 Nephi. This concept was taught to us by Brother Donaldson the week previous and it was all about being a guide through the Book and making the story and the scriptures relate to the investigator and their circumstances. We’ll be able to meet with him again this week and I hope that we were able to get him interested enough to begin reading on his own.
The Ivey Family is another focus family of ours in which we did the same thing. We read through the overview and first twelve verses and basically introduce and got them started reading. Sometimes that’s all it takes with some people and then after they receive that witness for themselves then the rest is a breeze. So prayers for them as they search for their own answer and witness.
We are also working with and contact many referrals from Lindsey, whose husband’s family is LDS is looking for a church better than her experience growing up in which she can introduce her children into. One night this week we went to contact Felicia who isn’t too interested right now but, as we were getting in the car to leave her apartment complex, we met Alex. We were leaving but as I got into the car I felt like I should talk to him and so not thinking anything of it I asked “Did you have a good Christmas?” With no hesitation, the Spirit took control of the conversation and it lead to him telling us he was at a point of his life where he wanted to turn around and we are now teaching him about the church and where he can find the Joy he is looking for. That was a huge testimony to me that we are supposed to be finding everywhere we go, and the Lord places people in your path for a reason. We were supposed to go to that apartment complex not to meet Felicia but to meet Alex, and Felicia’s referral was the means to get us there! It’s amazing how the Lord does his work.
Virginia did not get baptized...but we are still hopeful in the near future. This week we set up meetings to begin teaching Emily who is the 10-year-old daughter to a less-active in the Branch who started asking her Mom about getting baptized so we are looking forward to that. There is a girl who we began teaching as well who is the girlfriend of a less-active family and she has nothing wrong with getting baptized so we are working towards the 28th of January with her. Also, Lauren who has been taught for a while is now ready to be on date as her and her husband (less-active) work towards a date together-her for her baptism and him being worthy to baptize her. In addition to all of that (see I told y’all like 11 already set up…) the Serabia who is in a situation where circumstances are keeping the mother from being baptized is all ready which yields the Mother and four kids, plus possibly the Mother’s Aunt and her Aunt’s grandson. Prayers for all those who are working towards making those sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father that are renewed every week!!
A few short blips of funny stories that I hope y’all can laugh at:
I smoked a ball in whiffle ball on Monday. Went about 700ft.
We pranked President and his Wife and told them that Elder Morley messed up his knee during interviews on Wednesday.
I stole an e-cig from a Less-Active and wanted to see if it worked with water….it works, ask Elder Morley who was coughing all morning Thursday.
We had band practice for District Meeting; I blew through a stop sign; and our team-up farted at the door Friday night.
Alabama won and is going to the NAtional Championship. Roll Tide!!
I almost had to give a talk on Sunday in lieu of someone else who didn’t show up, but he finally came in at 10 til.
A member gave us an alcoholic Christmas present Monday night.
We went to the US Space and Rocket Center this morning and Elder Morley and I went to war.

I love my Mission and I love y’all! Happy 2017!!

Much Love,
Elder Milius


"Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people, that they might have everlasting life." ~3 Nephi 5:13

 Elder Milius, Elder Morley, and President Sainsbury
"We pranked President and his wife and told them Elder Morley messed up his knee during interviews on Wednesday."
 A member gave us an alcoholic Christmas present on Monday night

 I stole an e-Cig from a Less-Active and wanted to see if it would work with does!
 We went to the US Space and Rocket Center and Elder Morley and I went to WAR!