Monday, August 7, 2017

7 August 2017 - Elder Milius Week 58

Going into Number 10!

Well, another transfer down and another area! I’ll be headed to the Birthplace of Elvis Presley: Tupelo, MS! Yep, I am crossing the border from Alabama to Mississippi! It was a good last week in Prattville though, and I’m hoping to leave some potential for Elder Foudy and Elder Canty. 
There really isn’t too much to update as far as people go. We don’t necessarily have any “progressing investigators” in Prattville at the moment but that’s going to change! We found quite a few more people we can work with who at least seem promising. And, I won’t be here to see them progress but still found them! 
This week we found a couple people named Mary and Felicia. On Saturday we had a ward party at a park with food and stuff and Mary Ann, a member of our ward, started rounding up all the other people who were at the park to come eat with us. After they came over we, being missionaries, “did our thing” I guess you could say and started talking to them both about church and what we believe. We didn’t want to bore them too much so we set an appointment and called it good and just ate and fellowshipped with them (they are sisters) and their kids! Somewhere in the conversation though they talked about how they hadn’t been in church for a while and how they were looking. Mary Ann, the lady who pulled them in, told them basically her testimony about how God works with the things we call “coincidences.” Following that we invited them to church and they accepted. Fast forward to 9:00 Sunday morning, the meeting started with not as many people as usual. (The ward times changed so that’s somewhat understandable...ish). 10 minutes to the meeting ending Mary Ann and Tj walk in. “Yes!” Then, 5 minutes before the meeting ended in walk Mary, Felicia, Mary’s husband, and all their kids! Then they all stayed for the next couple hours and went home! Felicia mentioned how she felt the Spirit and we are going over Tuesday afternoon to teach them more but holy miracle! I told you we ended on a good week in Prattville!
Also, Linda came to church again which was great and we’re hoping to have her over to a member’s home so we can teach her the lessons and baptized her! We found another lady named Jaquita this week as well who seems ready to come back into church and we are meeting with her later tonight. We’ve still been busy finding people to teach but hey, what are you gonna do, right?!

Some other stuff:
  • All of us got majorly sunburned from being outside all day last Monday getting attacked by dogs.
  • We went to Hoover this week to get our “Tiwi” fixed (those of you who know what that is understand how disappointed we were; those who don’t are lucky). But, we were getting it fixed with like four other companionships so we had a party in the Mission Office and one of the senior missionaries went to get us Pizza.
  • A family that moved in our ward have the BIGGEST hill going up to their house and the movers that were on the job said it was the hardest move they’ve ever done. The driveway, a.k.a. The hill, was too steep for the truck to come up the driveway so they had to move stuff by dolly up the hill. Then they got tired and moved it with a spare moving van they had. 
  • We were invited into a home by a freakin' 90 year old woman in a sports bra. Her husband couldn't hear and her dog did not like us. On our way out, which was not after long, the dog got out of her arms and almost ate us before we closed the door on it. It was a Chihuahua. 
  • Elder Foudy got bit at the door of this guy who wasn’t super interested but nice. Nice enough to go get itch relief cream and put it on Elder Foudy’s arm. After we were walking away Elder Foudy said, “I’ve never been ‘creamed’ before.”
  • We put sticky notes on the Sisters car windows. lol. Some lady almost called the Cops on us.
  • Some guy told us this week that we needed to do our research because the Mormons got kicked out of New England for practicing polygamy.
  • I ate my first boiled peanut this week.
  • Psalms 96:12...Missing Baseball.

Hope that’s decent enough information for this week! I’ll be emailing next week on Tuesday because that’s when we’re going to the temple! And, I’ll be emailing from Tupelo, Mississippi! Love y’all and hope you have a great week back in school! Take care and make it a good week! 

Much Love,
Elder Milius


"Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people, that they might have everlasting life." ~3 Nephi 5:13

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