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31 July 2017 - Elder Milius Week 57

Time keeps ticking y’all,

The transfer just seems to fly by. We get news this week about whether or not I’ll be staying in Prattville or moving on in the Lord’s vineyard of the Alabama Birmingham Mission! It’s kinda a coin toss of what will happen so Saturday will be exciting!
Not a whole lot happened this week, same old great work! We did have quite a few notable experiences with some people we met though so I’ll try my best to convey it all to you! But first I’ll update you on individuals.
We gave Ann to the Sisters who will hopefully be able to make good contact with and visit. We think it might help Ann come to church if she can get close enough to the Sisters so much so that she opens up about whatever her “experience” is that is holding her back. Pauline seems pretty involved in her own church and she hasn’t been feeling well the past week so we haven’t been able to see her but she says from her texts that she’s still reading! Courtney and Brooklyn respectfully dropped us after Courtney’s dad was a jerk. Haley wanted us to answer her questions over text without setting up an appointment. She didn’t understand why the Book of Mormon was important and I’m pretty sure she was looking up and researching anti-mormon stuff. Love it. And all the other people we haven’t been able to get in contact with. Jill is a busy lady but we were on an exchange this week and had eight missionaries over to her place on Wednesday morning to help her with her overgrown yard. We are also working on getting the ward to round up as many people as we can to help her in the coming weeks or so to hopefully knock it out and help her join the church. Selfless Service Softens Stoney Souls!! 
Corey is a guy that we met on Friday night! (He is the very exciting looking guy in the pictures I’ll send). He was talking to us on his porch and then invited us in to come talk with him. He is Church of Christ but has long had questions like “What happens to the person who dies on their way to the font?” (Church of Christ are very strict in their beliefs that you must be baptized to go to heaven). But, we went in because he wanted to know about the “whole mormon thing” and so we ended up teaching the Restoration and came back Sunday to teach the Plan of Salvation. He and his wife have two kids and they would just make the best Mormons! But Corey has kept it very intellectual and they won’t go anywhere fast if they do start to progress. But it was cool to be able to answer his questions and to see him all excited to learn about the mormons. Before we left he asked if we would take a picture with him and his wife said “I already took some and sent them to your parents.” So because of us Mormons were the topic of his family's group message. 
The second notable experience was with Linda. So, to be chronological in how we went through the story: We went to church and in talking with the Pugliani family they told us that the previous morning they were cleaning the church and someone knocked on the door and said that she wanted to come to an LDS service, that she’d never been. When we were greeting people as they walked in I spotted this older lady with her husband standing outside of the front doors that no one comes in so I quickly went and introduced myself-this is that lady who knocked on the door. We introduced her to the Pugliani’s as well as a few other members and Linda had a great time throughout the meeting. Unfortunately she didn’t want visitors to come because of her husband who she feels wouldn’t appreciate it (he just dropped her off and left). But the Sisters walked her out from Relief Society after church and found out that the reason she decide to come was because of a pamphlet she found in a book in the Dollar Tree.  (This is the craziest part). Two days or so prior the Sisters found a book in Dollar Tree entitled “The Purpose of Life” and so they placed a random Plan of Salvation pamphlet in it. Linda found their pamphlet and came to church!! What?!?!? Best part to the whole story is that morning we saw a member walk into church, Sister Sanders, who was an older lady when she joined the church and I made the comment that old people usually never join the church. Sister Sanders quickly became Linda’s fellowshipper and I want her to get baptized just to top off that story! Like what?! 

  • We played spoons on Monday and I got make-up all over my shoulder.
  • I learned a lot about baseball this week because there were many opportunities to use it as a contact! Whether I saw a Boston hat or a New York hat. 
  • We went to visit Shannon before leaving Wetumpka on Tuesday; they haven’t changed much.
  • Best. Joke. Ever.
“Knock, knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“I eat Mop.”
“I eat mop who?”
“Lol. You eat your poo?!”
  • We contacted people by asking them a survey about their beliefs in God. It’s amazing that people answer in the affirmative when you ask them “If God revealed more of his word in scripture would you read it?” and then reject the Book of Mormon.
  • I saved a dog that was running in the middle of the road.
  • Elder Foudy called me “gentle.”
  • We tracted “Candlestick Park.” It was a trailer park with all the streets being named after baseball teams.
  • I sang a solo in church on Sunday (Sister Franklin made me do it-she’s pictured as well).
  • I was told by Bishop’s son, who loves BYU more than anything else and to him everything else is inferior, that A.S.U. (Arizona State University) must stand for “A Stupid University.” Ouch.
  • We are now using the word “solidarity” to describe how solid investigators are.
  • Apparently Jeopardy has a question about the “three parts of the Bible” being the Old Testament, New Testament, and Book of Mormon. I don’t know if I believe that but it’d be cool! 
  • Oh, and we got chased by dogs today and I tried our very own fried catfish! 

What a week! I can’t wait to see what the Lord has planned for us this coming week! I’m sure it will be just as good as this last one! I love you guys from all over and if you need anything from me let me know! Take care, and make it a good week!

Much Love,
Elder Milius


"Behold I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of Him to declare His word among His people, that they might have everlasting life." ~3 Nephi 5:13

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